My Favorite Break-Up

I don’t leave people. I make them leave me.

However, I had this boyfriend once…I felt myself getting that irritated, antsy feeling after a few months. I told him: I don’t want to break up with you, but I do want to have any open relationship. We will still have sex, but we can also have sex with other people.

A week later I told him: This is going well. Now, we are still going to have sex with other people people…but we are not going to have sex with each other anymore.


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Break-Up

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  3. Hey,
    I was thinking about your post, actually about the sex part, as it always surprised me why it is so easy in western society to have many sex partners ? and to talk about it so openly ?
    and being a human , is it feel good to have just body relation with anyone when you not even know the person , No offense really but i want to know what people think about this. What do they feel about this ?

    • I don’t know how other people feel about it, but yes. Up until a few years ago I could only enjoy sex with strangers.

      Now, while I am so, so happy with my current partner the option to have new experiences is there, even if we never choose to act on it.
      Sexual desire is different from love, and absolutely different from who you want to be your life partner.

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