All Right

2 years ago, some “bad” things happened to me. It happens to everyone, and actually it wasn’t even the first time for me for any of them, but it was a shock.

I lost my job, 2 months later my husband lost his job, 4 months later our marriage was over. A few months after that he took our dog.

The way I handle these unexpected occurrences is very simple:

1. I get very, very angry. I worry for the people who have wronged me because the wold doesn’t like it when I am wronged and I feel like they may die unexpectedly when the Universe acts upon my justified revenge.

2. I take a few days off to lay in bed and watch incredible movies and re-center myself. I surround myself with all of my favorite things. I trust the Universe to guide me to peace.

3. I get the fuck over it. The way to do that is to move on as quickly as possible. Within 2 days I had a new dog. I did not cry about my husband leaving me until 2 years after it happened, the day I got the final divorce papers. I allowed myself that one night to feel sad.

I don’t think that makes me cold, it makes me capable of moving on. Once that role is empty it needs to be filled, and I like to do that as quickly as possible. I don’t want to sit around and feel bad about the decisions I have made and the people I have wronged. I don’t want them to either:

“I ain’t a-saying you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don’t mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don’t think twice, it’s all right.”


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